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Admission Policies


1.The applicant must be a Saudi national or his/her mother is a Saudi national.

2.To be accepted in the college the applicant must:

i.have obtained the secondary school certificate, or its equivalent, from inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ii.have obtained the secondary school certificate in a period of less than 5 years prior to the date of application. However, the College Council may waiver this condition if the applicant has a satisfactory explanation.

iii.present a good conduct certificate.

iv.successfully pass any examination or personal interview as determined by the College Council.

v.be physically fit.

vi.satisfy any other conditions the College Council may deem necessary at the time of application.

vii.obtain the composite Balance Entry Points (BEP) which are used as the basis of admission to the college.  The BEP is calculated from Secondary School Certificate (SSC), National Aptitude Test (NAT) and National Secondary Accumulative Test (NSAT) by allocating following weights:

SSC =>40%,   NAT => 30%,   NSAT =>  30%     (Current Policy)