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RSU - Strategic Plans

Research and Study Unit at YUC although a new center but striving for cultivating research environment at YUC, the researchers are encouraged on their success so that other faculty members are motivated.


  • To participate the national objectives of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for sciences and technology.
  • To establish a strong relationship with regional industrial companies.
  • To motivate the students and faculty member to utilize their research capabilities as much as possible.
  • Arranging workshops within YUC to encourage faculty members and students towards research.
  • To Publish research material in well reputed international journal, books and proceedings to promote the name of YUC.
  • Arranging national and international conferences to provide scholarly platform for the faculty members, students and local community of this region.
  • Update research Database of the university on monthly basis and also website should be updated.
  • Link research groups of YUC to collaborate with other national and international research groups.
  • Encouraging them to engage their students in experimental learning opportunities through research and development.