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History of COOP Students

152 (estimated)

Updated date: 7 Dec 2015


110120108Bayan Tokhta ACCTMs RahayuAl Rajhi Bank / Customer Service, Marketing and Sale and Teller. / Yanbu
Proposed a Recommendation to Improve Al Rajhi Internal Control System
29120041Rawan Baksh / HRMs ShaymaRoyal Commission Medical Center / Human Resource Department / YanbuCauses of Resignations and Level of Job Satisfaction of RCMC Employees
39120092Maram Alghami / HR Ms RubeenaFirst Intermediate School / Administration Department / YanbuNew Procedures to Solve the Conflicts between Teacher and Administrative
49120095Ghidaa Altamimi / HR

Ms Elham

Yanbu University College / Professional Development / YanbuOrientation Program for Employee 
59220029Ghadeer Ghazi / HRMs ElhamOlayan  Real Estate Company / Administration Department DammamProposal and Policies of 12 CSR
610120030Asma Khayyat / HRMs ShaymaRoyal Commission Medical Center / Human Resource Department / YanbuThe Study of Improving the Strategy of Training Program for Non-medical Staff in Royal Commission Medical Center
710120040Noha Alghamgy / HRMs ShuanaEducational Training Center / Administration Assistant / YanbuThe Study of Significance of Having a Guidebook for the Trainees at the Educational Training Center
810120062Tasneem Jamjoom / HRMs RubeenaFirst Intermediate School / Administration Department /YanbuTechnology Acceptance Model (TAM)
97220315Mesbah Ameen / MISMs SafaYanbu University College / Management Science Department / YanbuPre-Registration Online Form, Online Guidance Maps for YUCW Campus and  Update information in YUC Website
108120237Kholoud Al-Malki / MISMs GulYanbu University College / DMD Office / YanbuGoogle Calendar Application & Usage Guidebook 
118220308Nouf Al-Hazmi / MISMs DoaYanbu University College / Library / YanbuYUC Library System
129120105Nouf Al-Johani / MISMs HazarJeddah Networks Company / Management Information System (IT) / JeddahWebsites Template 
139120125Sara Al-Malki / MISMs GulYanbu University College / Counseling and Guiding / YanbuCounseling and Guiding Services Pages
149220028Zainab Al-Mukhtar / MISMs DoaMinistry of Social Affairs / Social Women Supervision Office / Dammam Ministry of Social Affairs English Version System
159220031Rawan Haneef / MISMs HazarJeddah Networks Company / Administration & Production / JeddahWebsites Template 
169220034Taghreed Aljehani / MIS

Ms Elham

Ministry of Education / Educational Training Center / Yanbu

Training Center System
179220051Eman Turkistani / MIS

Ms Elham

Royal Commission Medical Center / IT Department / YanbuElectronic Medical Examination System


19120011Norah ALGhamdi / ACCTMs RohayaMada / YanbuAnalysis of the company's liquidity risk and provide solutions to the issues.
210120093Lujain Naeem / ACCTMs RohayaAljazera Bank / JeddahInternal control in banks.
37220330Razan Jan / HRMs NaseemYanbu University College / Professional Development & Education Development Center / YanbuBreak Room for YUCW's Teachers +Harmony week+ Blogger 
49220003Rawan Al-Abbadi / HRMs Naseem5th Elementary School / YanbuTrain administrators on using technology + working on developing the education in public school
59220061Hafsah Bakr / HRMs Naseem5th Elementary School / YanbuTrain teachers on how to write reports and work efficiency
69220067Abrar Alyoubi / HRMs Lujain8th Elementary School / YanbuBuilding awareness on the issue of absenteeism and its effects among students and try to reduce it
710120029Gufran Sumailan / HRMs FatimaRubaiyat / Jeddah Causes & Effects of Employee Turnover at Rubaiyat 
810120078Sara Mujalli / HRMs Amal ZahidSaudi German Hospitals / Jeddahknow about the employees need and how to satisfy them in order to reduce the turnover and to retain them in SGH, "salary scale project"
910120088Shoaa AlTalhi / HRMs Amal ZahidYanbu University College / Personnel & Staff services / YanbuElectronic Archiving
1010120101Bashyer Mulla / HRMs SufiaRiyad BankQueing system for Riyad Bank Ladies Branch

Khalood ALThaqafi / HR

Ms Lujain8th Elementary School / YanbuTrain Administrators on How to Use the "Noor System"
1210120173Ahad AlHaydari / HRMs FatimaRubaiyat / Jeddah The different ways of improving employees productivity at Rubaiyat
137120127Shatha Ekandrani / MISMs ShaymaYanbu University College / Alumnae Unit / YanbuUpdating the Alumnae Unit/COOP Training Webpages in YUC Website 
148120195Suad Shaabat / MISMs Amal AlsahliKing Abdulaziz University / JeddahDesign a Website for IT Department.
158220260Alaa Qadi / MISMs FaizaKing Faisal Specialist Hospital /Riyadh Designing and developing a dashboard for BPM* (Business Process Manager) to indicate the work progress and ensure optimal service delivery. Whether the process is running fluently or not and how much time does it take in each phase.
169120003Batool Basaffar / MISMs DoaKing Fahd Hospital Of The University / Al-KobarDropbox to share folder & QuadraMed database
179120044Sara Alghamdi / MISMs HazarYanbu University College / Guidance & Counseling Department / YanbuStudent service guide event + counseling session registration form 
189120073Alaa AL-Dhukair / MISMs KayObeikan Glass Company (OIG) /YanbuImproving in location accuracy of spare parts warehouse.
199120103Asmaa AL-harbi / MIS  Ms GulAl Faisal Kindergarten / YanbuMade awareness about "google calendar" and trained the employees to use it on managing their time for Meetings, courses,trips,events in the kindergarten .
209120109Ghofran Al-Ahmadi / MISMs HazarYanbu University College / Library / Yanbu Create a database for the final year projects in the library
219120126Alaa ALsenani / MISMs DoaMinistry of Education / Yanbu Creating database for employees to display personal information
229120203Wafa Daghistani / MISMs DalalRC Medical Center / Yanbu Create database for storing RC hospital's form and send warning
if there is new notification or update on the form
239220007Ayat Hubail / MISMs Amal AlsahliComedat Company Limited / Alkhobar Implementing the use of sharing tools like Microsoft Sharepoint where employees can share the documents online, share ideas, manage projects and so many other feature.
249220033Bashayer AL Julaih / MISMs Amal AlsahliWipro Arabia Limited / AldhahranComplete a missing work related to an accounting system for a travel agency works with WIRPO
259220038Tahani Al-Gahani / MISMs Shayma3rd Secondary School / Yanbu E-permission and alternate lessons 
269220086Fatima AL-Shareef / MISMs FaizaMinistry of Education / YanbuCreating a system for work efficiency tester.
2710120050MahaALZahrani / MISMs KayUmm Salmh School / YanbuSchool website.
2810120054Arjaa Makkawi / MISMs Safa Yanbu University College / MS Department COOP /  YanbuCreating a COOP training webpages for MS Department in YUC website + Updating the faculty members' information
2910120099Shahad Saud / MIS Ms FaizaMinistry of Education / YanbuCreating a database for register data and programs for trainees.
3010120103Sameera Al-Malki / MISMs DalalRC Medical Center / Yanbu Using “Google Sheets” to coordinate training courses between RCMC departments and training and development department.
3110120104Sarah Al-oufi / MISMs Kay2nd Intermediate School / YanbuSchool website and a few IS workshop
3210120112Shemah Al-johani / MISMs Kay4th Secondary School / YanbuDropbox implementation in company by conducting a workshop of Dropbox and installation services as post action of the workshop.
3310120115Summer Alshammari/ MISMs HazarYanbu University College / MS Department & Planning-Quality / YanbuComputerize the GPA' calculating process
3410120128Noor Al-Jabarti / MISMs FaizaMinistry of Education / YanbuCreating a database for employees. 
3510120146Bashayer Al-juhani / MISMs HazarMinistry of Education / YanbuCreate a database for teachers issues
3610120277Hind Shalabi / MISMs GulRC Medical Center / YanbuCreated a Schoology page for online nursing exam ,other assessment and Information Communication and providing workshop to create awareness for the uses of Schoology to hospital employees.



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