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Q.1) What is spiral binding?

binding, as for a notebook or booklet, in which the pages are fastened together by a spiral of wire or plastic that coils through a series of holes punched along one side of each page and the front and back covers.

Q.2) How long is the training period?

The students are required to spend for a minimum 14 weeks (subject to company requirements) in training related to their discipline in a business entity.

Q.3) How many absences to get DN?

The student will get (DN) if his/her absence exceed 20% of the total placement period (7 working days).

Q.4) Is there a specific template for the final presentation?

No specific presentation template provided. Students may apply their creativity and should refer to
presentation evaluation form as guidelines.

Q.5) What is the first draft that will be provided by the student?

The students will Submit the first draft that contains all chapters with required format and cover page to their advisors to review.  

This first draft will not be marked. Only for adviser's revision. 

Probably student may have a 2nd draft, 3rd draft and so on.. before they complete it to Final Draft report.

Q.6) How many examiner will be for each student? 

Normally three examiners.


Is there a specific template for the final presentation?