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COOP Team and Assessment

COOP Training Team

  • COOP Placement
    COOP-Alumnae Unit: Ms Fatima Turkistani
  • Department COOP Supervisors
    MS Department: Ms Kay Marlina Kamaruddin
  • COOP Academic Advisor
    A faculty member from the department
  • Company Supervisor
    A person to whom student directly reports at her work place
  • COOP Students
    Students who got appointed at coop positions

Students Performance Evaluation

The COOP student’s performance will be evaluated through the following:
Company’s Evaluation (40%) every student will be evaluated during her COOP training period by her company supervisor/mentor. This evaluation will be forwarded to Alumnae Unit.
Progress Report (10%) – two progress reports should be submitted by the students. Progress reports will be evaluated by the Adviser based on the summary of student’s work performance.
Final Report (30%)each student must submit a final report describing her COOP work. The final report will be assessed by the Academic Advisor and examiner(s) from the department. Students must follow the approved template for the report.
Presentation (10%) – every COOP student must give a presentation on her COOP training to the examining committee who will judge and assess the presentation. Date and time will be decided by the Department COOP Coordinator. 
COOP Portfolio (10%) students need to keep a COOP portfolio with all supporting documents, including the weekly reports, copies of emails from the company supervisor to the student, minutes, training certificates, and any other evidence of work completed during the entire training period. COOP portfolio should be submitted bi-weekly.