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COOP Roles and Responsibilities

COOP Advisor's Responsibilities

COOP advisor is a faculty member expert in the subject of the COOP assignment and is assigned by the COOP supervisor to guide the COOP student during the full period of the training. The COOP advisor should provide assistance to the student while in training. In particular, the role is:

  • To collect the student’s biweekly portfolio forms.
  • To communicate with student to provide advice on training and report writing.
  • To be actively responsive to COOP student and keep record all the communication records.
  • To supervise the student’s progress and final reports.
  • To be a member of the examination board of the student who she supervised.
  • To report final marks on the system.

Employer's Responsibilities

The employer has the major role in promoting the success of the training program. To achieve this goal, the employer is requested to provide the following:

  • Training plan reflecting the assignment for the duration of training period.
  • Assignment of a professional supervisor who will be responsible for making the student’s training program meaningful and effective.
  • Treatment of the student like any other employee in the company. If the student does not show up to work on time or at all, the employer should inform Alumnae Unit so that corrective action can be taken.
  • Informing the Alumnae Unit, if the COOP student does not perform well or her performance does not meet the employer’s standard.
  • Encourage and allow students to prepare technical reports and conduct oral presentations during the training period.

Company Supervisor Responsibilities

The Company Supervisor is a professional in the field of the student’s major assigned by the employer. A Company Supervisor's role is to ensure adequate professional development of the COOP student. It is expected that the mentor will set a working plan for the student that covers the assignment during the period. A Company Supervisor will be mainly in charge of the following tasks:

  • Ensures that the student follows the training plan and completes tasks on time.
  • Ensures that the bi-weekly portfolio reports provided by the student are prepared accurately.
  • Completes two Progress reports.
  • Completes the student training evaluation form at the end of the COOP training period.

Student's Responsibilities

The student’s role is divided into 3 periods:

     A) The semester preceding the COOP
During COOP  
After COOP

A) The semester preceding the COOP

All students who plan to take the COOP should complete the following steps during the semester before their COOP training:

  • Fill up the pre-registration form and submit it with transcript to Department COOP Coordinator to process whether student is eligible to take COOP training or not.
  • If eligible, fill out the permission slip for COOP training and get her legal guardian's approval/signature. Submit the permission slip to the Alumnae Unit.
  • Collect the COOP package from Alumnae Unit, which contains the letter of introduction to the employer, job placement form, COOP guidelines, and a few forms, which will be needed during the COOP period.
  • Contact the employer and submit the COOP letter of introduction.
  • Once the employer approves of the COOP training, the student can get the COOP Work plan from the Alumnae Unit.

B) During COOP

During the COOP training period, students need to provide several documents in a timely fashion. By the end of week 2, students should make sure that she is provided with a COOP training schedule and work plan from the training organization. If not, she should ask for this work plan and/or help the organization to issue this plan. This work plan should detail the training activities to be performed, the student assignment, for how long and for which specific periods of the COOP period. Students need to provide their official email address to the Alumnae Unit and advisor, and they need to check their email regularly for any announcement. Students should complete the following steps during the COOP training period:

  • To attend COOP briefing session in the first week of the semester.
  • To attend and actively work in the COOP training as planned.
  • To record all the information, techniques, technologies, skills, etc learnt during training so that it can be included in the progress or final report and get use of any drawing, graphs, etc or materials that might be suitable for the progress and final report.
  • To submit biweekly portfolio reports to Academic Advisor.
  • To submit two progress reports in full consultation with the COOP Company Supervisor in Week 6 and Week 14.
  • Prepare a draft copy of the COOP final report and submit to the advisor in Week 14.

C) After COOP

Students need to do the following at the end of the training period:

  • Submit final report incorporating the advisor comments to the Department COOP Coordinator.
  • Prepare a presentation describing the COOP experience.