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YUC Milestones

  •  March 2005—YUC Concept Approval by RC Chairman.
  •  Sept. 2005—First intake of 150 male students and 150 female students.
  •  Oct. 2007—Formation of the YUC College Council.
  •  May 2010—First batch of YUC graduates.
  •  2010—YUC receives Ministry of Civil Service classifications for its AL, MIS, and CS  programs which gave YUC graduates employment rankings comparable  to leading universities in KSA, including the ranking for the CS program which is the same as for KFUPM.
  • 2013—YUC receives classifications for new specializations in CSE, Business Management, Marketing, and Accounting.
  • Sept. 2014—Ministry of Civil Service classifies all programs offered at Yanbu and Jubail colleges--now and in the future--as equal to those offered at other Saudi, public universities thus making any graduate of YUC equivalent to a graduate of any MOE institute in the kingdom in terms of job eligibility
    Click here : Ministry of Civil Service Announcement 
  • Sept. 2014—Merging of the Industrial Management Technology (IMT) Department from YIC with the Department of Management Science at YUC Men's Campus.
  • Sept. 2014—YUC Men's Campus offers Associates Degrees in Office Management Technology, Materials Management Technology and Accounting & Financial Management Technology

  • Sept. 2014—YIC's Information Communication Technology (ICT) joins YUC's Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department.
  • Nov. 2014—YUC achieves ISO 9001:2008 compliance certification