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Life at Yanbu University College YUC

Yanbu Industrial City is a very nice and quiet place to spend Years of your work in. Employees have access to nice, organized and clean beaches as well as restaurants, beaches, and shops.  We advise you to get a reliable tourist guide to show you around.

Excellence in teaching and employee support

As a employee at YUC you will have access to the college as well as RC sport and leisure facilities. YUC IT and computing facilities are advanced compared to other colleges in KSA, and our innovative teaching methods will challenge you to benefit the most out from your courses.

Health Services

All YUC employees will be provided with free medical care at the Royal Commission Hospital.

External Links

Royal Commission  (RC)    http://www.rcjy.gov.sa/

Yanbu Industrial College (YIC)  www.yic.edu.sa

Jubail Industrial College (JIC)  www.jic.edu.sa

Jubail University College (JUC) http://www.ucj.edu.sa/

Jubail Technical Institute (JTI) www.jti.edu.sa